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Assembling my office

Assembling my office
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Date: 2004-09-28 22:37:13

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Hi Trevor,
How do you feel about the construction company with whom you share a name? Famous or infamous?


Is Truth and Method of iconic status for you? Have you read Ingrid Scheibler or Julian Young or Graham Parkes (Hawaii)?!

FINALLY do you regard all this stuff about the 'materiality of signification' as risible?
I'm thinking here of (contentions re) the intrinsic opacity of all SIGNIFICATION __and hence of all CONCEPTUALISATION; ie the (Hegelian?) problematic of mediation.

And what about the notion of 'finite transcendence'? Would you go for this latter kind of formulation; see it as compatible with Christian perspectives?
Or as too 'immanentist'?!
weimar twilight 2005-08-07 22:58:39
Is there TRUTH in art?

Can the (artistic/ creative) artefact, in whatever medium, mediate (some kind of transcendence in) the self-relation? Can the 'artefact' __in as much as it 'incarnates' a GESTALT__ be capable of 'dislodging' an extant conceptual articulation/ configuration? ....I mean here in the quasi-Derridan sense of APORETICS.
The 'explosion' of the hitherto extant articulation (or configuration)-cum-exposure of LACUNAE;

with, as a correlate of this, the rendering untenable of the previously obtaining/ hitherto viable 'subject position'?

In other words is the Work of Art in its impact (its 'punch') capable of mediating a more-or-less traumatic othering (as in the 'phenomenology of othering')? In more vulgat terms a MIND-FUCK in event of the artistically-mediated TRUTH EVENT not being assimilated/ 'truthfully' taken-on-board?

And finally (again!!) what has the situated practice/ praxis of a 'craft' (in sense of poesis) on your part __in this case PHOTOGRAPHY__ got to do with your 'vocation' as a philosopher/ philosophy-academic?!

I hope this latter is not a stupid question!!
weimar twilight 2005-08-07 23:21:44

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